Thursday, February 15, 2007

we have follicles

I went for my first u/s today (not counting baseline.) I'll admit, I was a little nervous beforehand about how many follicles we'd see. I mean, I know my e2 is going up, but maybe I'm just making one big egg. Also, my clinic has a fairly high cancellation rate, and it would suck to be canceled before I really got started (though I know there are much worse things.)

Nope, as usual, I'm responding appropriately! Several uniformly-sized follicles on each ovary. I'm not growing them too quickly or too slowly, no real lead follicle, nice e2. I have at least 9-10 in the same range and 4ish that were a little smaller that could easily catch up. That cyst is still there, but the follicles seem to have no problem growing right next to it and no one else is worrying about it, so I won't.

I have several days of stims left, so we'll see what happens. The real story is that I'm exhausted. I'm passing out each night before 10 and sleeping very soundly (not complaining about that!) until 730 and I'm still tired. So tired that my arms feel too tired to hang from my shoulders.


Irish Girl said...

"So tired that my arms feel too tired to hang from my shoulders."

Heeee. Love this line. May I use it?

This is sounding quite perfect indeed. I'm thinking of you over here. Wishing harder than hard.

Cat, Galloping said...

hey, nothing bad has happened yet!

Karen said...

Good luck! I'll be thinking of you!