Saturday, February 17, 2007

miles to go

So, it turns out there aren't as many follicles as I thought. It looks like my 9-10 is really 7-8. Not the end of the world (I'm trying to believe this) but definitely disappointing when we were shooting for 10-15. The doctor said that I was doing fine, but he could see that I was less pleased. He said that he'd look over my chart and if he thought I could do dramatically better then we'd cancel.

So now I'm crying because I'm disappointed in my ovaries and I'm feeling all hopped up on drugs just waiting for my instructions call.

I'm thinking they'll want to go forward; I'm not sure what I want. 7-8 really isn't bad, I just thought I could do better since I'm "young" and such a "good responder."

Tell me it will be ok, ok?

UPDATE: Not canceled. Feeling somewhat better. Still disappointed in my C-student ovaries, but trying to remember that it's all about quality...


Cat, Galloping said...

it will be okay. okay?

Irish Girl said...

Ditto what Cat said.

Cuz it will be ok. We're here. Always here for you. Hang on, my friend.

Susan said...

I'm crossing everything in hopes that it will be okay. And, my assvice of the day...
It's not the quantity, but the quality of the eggs that matters.