Wednesday, February 21, 2007

mind wars

It's going to be great!
I'm going to be pregnant soon!
We have an excellent chance!
Lots of people have success on their first try!

My doctor's going to wreck this for me!
I could have done so much better!
There won't be enough eggs!
I'm going to ovulate before retrieval!


Cat, Galloping said...

i'm voting for the first verse!

Cathleen said... sound a wee bit stressed... :)

Try to concentrate on verse A. One day at a time... right??

When is retrieval?

Sending good thoughts your way.

Irish Girl said...

'member when you asked us to tell you it will be ok?

It will be ok. Keep on keepin on.

Baby Blues said...

Mind wars are so much part of this journey. Try to kick the negative thoughts and focus on the positive ones. :-) But it's easier said than done.

Stephanie said...

Girl, your going to go crazy if you don't cut those negative thoughts out. I know, I is hard to do. I must admit I fail it.