Friday, February 23, 2007

Retrieval (or, it's all about whores and porn)

Retrieval went well. My clinic doesn't use the hospital for retrievals, so an anesthesiologist (A) came over. Ladies, conscious sedation is your friend. A said to me, "I'm going to put something in your iv to help you relax now." And he did. And the metal grate on the ceiling began to wave like the ocean and I told him so. I reminded the RE that he needed to look hard and make sure he got them all. He assured me that he would and told me to enjoy the drugs. Then A put me out (it made my arm feel like it was on fire--- for a second, then nothing.)

As I was waking up, A, the RE, and the nurse were discussing A's upcoming trip to Las Vegas for a wedding. I jumped right into the conversation (even though I couldn't open my eyes yet!) and told him that I thought it was a bad idea to go to Vegas for a wedding because of all the whores and the porn everywhere and that he should go to Monterey (CA) instead. He told me that it wasn't his wedding. I said, "that's fine, but it really isn't very wedding-y to go to a place full of whores and porn and we took my mother-in-law there and she was horrified by all the porn all over..." Guys, I couldn't let it go. For the five minutes it took for me to not feel "drunk" anymore, I wouldn't stop about the whores and porn. I wish I had a recording.

My first real question was "how many?" P told me nine. I was really excited until we realized that I didn't know how many were mature. Then I was cautiously really excited. Nine!

Each time I had been in for a scan we were seeing fewer and fewer good candidates which is why I was getting so down about the whole thing. I realize that six would be a good number for a lot of people, no need to be greedy, quality over quantity and all that, BUT each one represents a chance. I know you all know that. I kept seeing my chances reduced and it's not a good feeling.

Anyway. After my tirade on whores and porn was over we waited for me to feel well enough to leave and it only took about 45 minutes. I was having pretty bad cramps and felt very tender and bloated. By late evening I was feeling very uncomfortable and spent most of my time sans pats. I was instructed not to lay flat which is all I wanted to do. I wanted to sleep, but I'm not very good at doing it sitting up. The night was the worst part. I couldn't get comfortable and I kept waking myself up to pee. There was just so much pressure. I also had a bloody cyst that was leaking.

P did a good job though. Sometimes he's too much of a joker and I'm not in the mood for it when I don't feel my best, but he was very nice to me. He even brought me my favorite muffin when he brought me my drugs. He gave me unsolicited hugs and offered me pillows and went to get me things and dealt with me being cranky and unreasonable. That was worth it.

Of course then he reminded me about the whores and the porn and I realized that it all really did happen...

Anyone else say anything interesting while sedated?



LJ said...

"Ouch" - oh wait, that was Meredith on Grey's last night.

Congrats on the nine!!! I'm so excited for you!

Cathleen said...

I haven't been through sedation for a procedure yet, but when my husband had a endoscopy done last year, he was absolutely hysterical. He doesn't respond well to sedation and woke up during the procedure and then they REALLY had to medicate him.

When he woke up he kept repeating himself..."I want coffee", "Can I have some coffee?", and when they brought him water..."Is this coffee?"

The doctor said that he even did that during the procedure!!

Then, he refused to get in the wheelchair that they brought to take him to the car. He has worked for his company for just over 10 years and they happen to manufacture wheelchairs. This wasn't his he refused! The poor little nurse's aid was soo confused. He remembers none of this by the way. Oh..and then he thought he was going to drive home. It really was TOO funny.

You sound like you were quite entertaining yourself...

And NINE...holy smokes, that's awesome. Keep us posted when you get the fertilization report.

Hope you're feeling better...

Liv said...

yay NINE!!!

When I woke up from my Lap, E was sitting in a chair next to the bed. He was mumbling something incoherent to me at the time. Then everything cleared for a moment and he said that we couldn't have sex for 2 weeks. To which I shreiked, "WHAT!? TWO WEEKS!? I HAVE TO GO FOR TWO WEEKS!?" Or something equally embarassing.

Irish Girl said...


I have a somewhat foggy memory of me telling the dentist who took out my wisdom teeth that he was "hot".

Damn truth serum.

NINE!!! Niner. Ninie.