Saturday, February 10, 2007


You guys are fabulous.

I was having a rough morning and every little problem was feeling huge and unsolvable. It made me feel so much better that there were people out there who have been there, who are listening, and who are like me (repeat after me, "I am NOT a friendless freak!")


I've had a wicked headache for about 48 hours, and I'm thinking it's the hormone change (and someone please tell P that that really can cause headaches. I really did not care for the look he gave me when I suggested that as the cause. Stupid penis-bearer.) I finally had to just go to bed yesterday because I couldn't take it any longer. No internet, no reading... it was torture anyway!


Stims begin (began) today. I'll be doing my evening shot in the bathroom during a big fancy dinner thing tonight. Cross your fingers that I'm able to be discreet (we're in the closet with this group.) SO glad I was able to find a fancy top so that I don't have to hike up my dress in a bathroom stall somewhere. Plus, when did they stop making dresses with sleeves? It's the middle of freaking winter, I'm not wearing a strapless nothing and getting hypothermia. Tonight it's all about the pants.


Kel said...

Here's hoping that one day every secretive shot-in-the-bathroom moment will be worth it!

Here's also hoping that your headache goes away. Now. Immediately. This very moment.

Feel better and have fun tonight!

LJ said...

You are most definitely not a friendless freak :)

Stephanie said...

hope you have a wonderful time tonight. I am sure you are excited to start stiming. Now the fun part starts! :)

Heather said...

Absolutely you can get hormone headaches. I get headaches when I ovulate from the drop in estrogen. You can also get headaches from other hormonal changes as well.

The worst part is that tylenol and advil don't touch these headaches. They make me want to throw up. They are horrible. I hope yours goes away soon.

Irish Girl said...

Hormone headaches are absolutely the worst kind. They send me to bed I am so disfunctionally miserable.

Hope you had a great time at the fancy event. I totally had to do a secret bathroom shot during our injectible cycle. I even managed to smuggle some ice so I could numb it a little first! The things we do ...


For a long time I was made to feel that I should have more friends, be more involved with groups, etc. But then I realized that just isn't who I am. I don't need a huge group of aquantences (spelling?) to make myself feel good. I have a small handful of wonderful people whom I trust instead of a crowd of small-talkers. For me, this is what works. You are not a friendless freak.

Cathleen said...

Nope...not a friendless freak.. :)

Hope the shot was uneventful..

Liv said...

You're not friendless. It takes time when you move to a new place. And honestly, the only reason I have made friends since we moved is because we have a kid. Otherwise, I would be isolated in my house ranting that all the neighborhood kids tramp through my yard all the time. So, give yourself some time. It will happen. I bet you make a friend before you get pregnant. LOL. Just kidding.

So, do you think it would be cooler to get caught shooting up in the bathroom with illegal drugs or fertility drugs?