Thursday, March 30, 2006

"Aunt Twirl" is different

My two year old "niece" asked me the other day,

"any news on your baby?" (Someone in her family is adopting from Guatemala and I guess she's heard adults talk about "baby news" a lot lately.)

"No, sweetie, I don't have a baby," I explain, with broken glass in my throat.

"My mommy has three babies. I'm two years old and my big sister is five years old and my new baby is no years old. That's three babies."

"Yes, I know, your mommy is very lucky to have you."

"My new baby is very little so you have to be careful. I have ice cream pajamas and I'm a princess with my Cinderella. You are coming to visit us soon and you send us presents in the mail. Are you bringing your kitties and your baby?"

I love talking to the girls, but sometimes they break my heart a little.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Dear Sandman,

Since I can't have a baby, it would be great if you'd stop making me dream that I have one. Waking up this morning without my daughter was excruciating.

(also, is there a reason you made Avril Lavigne my realtor? Because she did a pretty damn good job. And I'm not interested in joining the swim team, even with my verybestfriend. )



Friday, March 24, 2006

Calling all pet owners!

If you have indoor-only pets, do you vaccinate them? Against everything, or just some things?

If not, do you get grief from vets who push vaccinations?

(This is mostly curiosity because with air travel, decisions on this subject aren't mine to make.)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Monday, March 20, 2006

On the edge of your seat, right?

In case you were wondering about my house-hunt (and let's face it, it's all you can think about, right?) we did pick a house. We began to negotiate on it, but House#14 (suburban paradise) was not meant for us. We had some problems with the jackasses sellers and walked away from the table. I'm glad. I wanted the house, it was our first choice, but it was so difficult to pick in the first place that I don't feel at all bad about moving on.

So now we have an accepted contract on our second choice (House #3) and I can't wait to live there. Should something go wrong, I feel pretty good about our third and fourth choices too, which is a great feeling! It's nice to know you have options and that none of them suck. It's also a plus that my preview trip was not a waste. I did, however, feel like I was in an episode of House Hunters and Suzanne Whang spent a lot of time narrating in my head ("will it be the new build with the great master suite farthest from the office, the house in the suburban neighborhood that needs just a few repairs, or will it be the home at the top of their budget that's just minutes from P's office...")

Our current house may close late, but everything looks good and we're moving out THIS week! After that it's hotel time, move time, drive across country time, a little more time, and then in May we ought to be in NewCity for good.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Yep, I'm telling the internet

I opened a high cupboard in the kitchen this morning and a great big smile came to my face. There, crumpled up on a shelf, was my pink bra and the shirt I was wearing last night.

I think we're finally getting some of the fun back after all the suckiness that is infertilitysex.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Top 3

It's our last real day here in NewCity. We went to the open house and really liked it! House #14 is in a great little subdivision and looks like the perfect picture of suburbia. I actually saw a Girl Scout delivering cookies (P was sold!) The big downside for this house is that all the floors will need to be re-done. They have the different carpet in each room thing going on and I can't stand that. After adding this home to our list, I wanted to review two of my other favorites.

It's really hard to do this alone (well, not totally alone because my mom was there and that was AWESOME, but she's not P.) I wish he could see everything that I'm seeing because now all of his opinions are really just my own filtered back to me. But he asks good questions and I've drained my camera battery each day taking pictures. Still.

The top 3 have been selected and we have a big decision to make now!


We had some extra time, so Mom and I went to Target where I made my very first ever impulse buy on shoes. I wear sandals (more flip-flops than anything else) almost every day and shoes always seem expensive and uncomfortable to me. So I saw these boots. Beautiful brown boots. I picked them up and took them to the cash register and bought them without even trying them on. Kiss of death.

P's always telling me to relax a little and be more impulsive. I don't buy anything without thinking it to death first, so I was feeling pretty proud of myself.

Back to the hotel and I hate how they feel on my feet. I don't have time to return them so I have to pack them in my luggage and return them in CA. Stupid freakin' impulse buy.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

I saw a lot of NewCity (from the passenger seat of CR's car!)

Today was the day you see all the bad houses. It was a looooong day. We planned to be done around 1 or so and then go to lunch, but we kept finding "one more house" to look at and before we knew it it was 5. I am tired and hungry.

One house I couldn't even stand to look at because it reeked of cigarette smoke so strong that I couldn't breathe. Houses #4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11, and 12 did not make the final cut.

I'm glad the first day went well, otherwise I'd be totally disappointed by now. It was handy having some finalists because they made comparing each new house easier. Is this better than what I saw yesterday? No? Well then, let's move on. I feel upbeat.

After seeing all the rejects and missing lunch we were really ready to be done. Then we got a tip from another agent and found another brand new home so we drove out to see it. House #13 was awesome! New, big, and just what we needed to see after looking at so many nos. Way better than the other new build. Some little upgrades were missing, but the price was right. Definately a consideration.

I'm glad I saw all the ones I didn't like because I feel much better about liking the ones I do.

On the agenda tomorrow: an open house, and a second look at a couple finalists.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

On the house hunt...

Ohmygoodness morning came way too early!

Free hotel breakfast was pretty damn decent, but we inhaled it so I'm not sure how it tasted.

Found CompetentRealtor's (CR) office. Located P's soon-to-be office. Got a PO box. Three tasks down!

This was a day all about house-hunting. I had a bunch of listings before arriving and a list of other possibilities. CR had even more for me to look at! She knows this is going to be a short trip and I want to see as much as possible.

We came away from the day totally satisfied and with three possibilities!

House #1 is on a cul-de-sac and has a cool loft and great deck. Downside is that the master is not attatched to the master bath and is right next to the kitchen.

House #2 is a new build, but there aren't any restrictions so the neighbors can put four cars on their front lawn if they want to. And they did. New and pretty though.

House #3 is in the very area we wanted. It's beautiful inside and out but it doesn't have central air and is at the top of our budget.

I sent pics to P, and House #3 is his current fave. We'll see. I have at least 8 more houses to see tomorrow!

Oh, and yeah, it's cold. But believe it or not, I wore my jacket and I survived. I did slip on some ice though and fell on my ass. Oh well. Bound to happen.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

BPT (Day 2)

When Day 2 began, I wasn’t entirely sure that Day 1 had actually ended. The flight was pretty damn early. Of course, I’m pretty sure anything before 5am is “still night.” Anyway, I got a tiny nap and began my next day of flying, now with my mom.


  • Were a tiny bit late boarding one flight because we were looking for something to eat (damn all the bastards who only serve breakfast. Especially when there’s no sign.) so we were paged. A first for me.
  • Waited in line with Raj from the App*rentice. He did not hit on either of us. My mom helped him with his coffee cup while we (and all the passengers waiting to board) got a lecture about how people with too much luggage are what make all these flights late and how if anyone had a wheeled bag, too bad for you, it’s not going carry-on. Mom and I having small bags got to go to the front of the line, but the lecture thing was a little lame. (Raj had to stay behind with his big suitcase.)
  • Tried, unsuccessfully, to sleep on the plane.
  • Did not eat anything decent after all.

But we got there! (Grandpa, we drove in snow and didn't die!) So far the people in NewCity are very nice. We got a non-smoking room even though there were "none available" and are dead tired. Can't make internet work. Will need help or a wireless network at starbucks. Am computer loser.

The Big Preview Trip (or, All the Pressure’s on ME)

Day 1:

I’m sitting on an airplane right now in a cramped and tiny seat (of course.) The old lady in front of me has her seat so far back that it makes my laptop screen tilt down. But she’s sitting upright. Anyway, that’s not the point. I’m headed to NewCity to check things out. See, as things stand right now, we’re for sure moving there but we have no place to live. I thought we’d just rent a place and then look for a house once we got there, but P thought it would be a good idea for me to take a preview trip. So I booked it. Part of the plan was for me to meet with a realtor and get an idea of what’s available. Good idea. Here comes the big but. BUT, now P thinks I can find a place on my trip. Uh, no pressure. We’re going to be homeless, dear, unless you find us a house this weekend. It better be a good one too. What if I pick the wrong one? I see so many ways this can be all my fault.


If you know where I’m going, please don’t tell me to bring my warm clothes. I’m aware that it will be cold. I’m aware that it will be a big change. I will survive.

I will, however, be asking dumb questions later on. I know there’s a lot that I don’t know about living in the cold and snow. (example: when I was going through P’s things after the wedding and I was moving in I found this plastic stick thing with a brush on it. Apparently it’s an ice scraper. Who knew? I like my ice blended and in a margarita. Or cubed in a margarita.)

So, I’m sure there are things I’ll need to know. But the fact that it will be cold and I should bring my jacket and gloves is not one of them.

More to come…