Monday, March 20, 2006

On the edge of your seat, right?

In case you were wondering about my house-hunt (and let's face it, it's all you can think about, right?) we did pick a house. We began to negotiate on it, but House#14 (suburban paradise) was not meant for us. We had some problems with the jackasses sellers and walked away from the table. I'm glad. I wanted the house, it was our first choice, but it was so difficult to pick in the first place that I don't feel at all bad about moving on.

So now we have an accepted contract on our second choice (House #3) and I can't wait to live there. Should something go wrong, I feel pretty good about our third and fourth choices too, which is a great feeling! It's nice to know you have options and that none of them suck. It's also a plus that my preview trip was not a waste. I did, however, feel like I was in an episode of House Hunters and Suzanne Whang spent a lot of time narrating in my head ("will it be the new build with the great master suite farthest from the office, the house in the suburban neighborhood that needs just a few repairs, or will it be the home at the top of their budget that's just minutes from P's office...")

Our current house may close late, but everything looks good and we're moving out THIS week! After that it's hotel time, move time, drive across country time, a little more time, and then in May we ought to be in NewCity for good.

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Cat, Galloping said...

that's awesome! when we moved there was no weighing of options between one house and another: there was only *one* possibility that was both in our price range (actually, that's a total lie, it was over our price range!) and a place we'd be willing to live.

anyway, congrats on the house. :)