Friday, March 24, 2006

Calling all pet owners!

If you have indoor-only pets, do you vaccinate them? Against everything, or just some things?

If not, do you get grief from vets who push vaccinations?

(This is mostly curiosity because with air travel, decisions on this subject aren't mine to make.)


Cat, Galloping said...

We do vaccinate. Ach, I think it's time now actually.

Julie said...

I just had this battle a few weeks ago. We have two indoor cats aged 15 & 13. If it wasn't for the fact that they are long haired and need to be groomed (and the groomers require vaccinations) we wouldn't have it done.

We only vaccinate against rabies & distemper because that is what the groomer requires.

Larisa said...

We used to vaccinate every year as we were required to provide proof to our landlord. Now, however, we are changing to a once per 3 years plan.

We get all kinds of grief from the vets - about their weight, about the vaccinations, about their 13 year old teeth.

I don't care anymore, and I've managed to stop taking it personally.

Good luck.

twirl said...

Thanks, guys!