Sunday, March 05, 2006

I saw a lot of NewCity (from the passenger seat of CR's car!)

Today was the day you see all the bad houses. It was a looooong day. We planned to be done around 1 or so and then go to lunch, but we kept finding "one more house" to look at and before we knew it it was 5. I am tired and hungry.

One house I couldn't even stand to look at because it reeked of cigarette smoke so strong that I couldn't breathe. Houses #4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11, and 12 did not make the final cut.

I'm glad the first day went well, otherwise I'd be totally disappointed by now. It was handy having some finalists because they made comparing each new house easier. Is this better than what I saw yesterday? No? Well then, let's move on. I feel upbeat.

After seeing all the rejects and missing lunch we were really ready to be done. Then we got a tip from another agent and found another brand new home so we drove out to see it. House #13 was awesome! New, big, and just what we needed to see after looking at so many nos. Way better than the other new build. Some little upgrades were missing, but the price was right. Definately a consideration.

I'm glad I saw all the ones I didn't like because I feel much better about liking the ones I do.

On the agenda tomorrow: an open house, and a second look at a couple finalists.

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Cat, Galloping said...

wow, you are a blogging fiend lately! house hunting is so exhausting. aside from all the time it takes, it's really tiring to keep trying to envision yourself living in each place. good luck.