Thursday, March 02, 2006

BPT (Day 2)

When Day 2 began, I wasn’t entirely sure that Day 1 had actually ended. The flight was pretty damn early. Of course, I’m pretty sure anything before 5am is “still night.” Anyway, I got a tiny nap and began my next day of flying, now with my mom.


  • Were a tiny bit late boarding one flight because we were looking for something to eat (damn all the bastards who only serve breakfast. Especially when there’s no sign.) so we were paged. A first for me.
  • Waited in line with Raj from the App*rentice. He did not hit on either of us. My mom helped him with his coffee cup while we (and all the passengers waiting to board) got a lecture about how people with too much luggage are what make all these flights late and how if anyone had a wheeled bag, too bad for you, it’s not going carry-on. Mom and I having small bags got to go to the front of the line, but the lecture thing was a little lame. (Raj had to stay behind with his big suitcase.)
  • Tried, unsuccessfully, to sleep on the plane.
  • Did not eat anything decent after all.

But we got there! (Grandpa, we drove in snow and didn't die!) So far the people in NewCity are very nice. We got a non-smoking room even though there were "none available" and are dead tired. Can't make internet work. Will need help or a wireless network at starbucks. Am computer loser.

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