Monday, March 06, 2006

Top 3

It's our last real day here in NewCity. We went to the open house and really liked it! House #14 is in a great little subdivision and looks like the perfect picture of suburbia. I actually saw a Girl Scout delivering cookies (P was sold!) The big downside for this house is that all the floors will need to be re-done. They have the different carpet in each room thing going on and I can't stand that. After adding this home to our list, I wanted to review two of my other favorites.

It's really hard to do this alone (well, not totally alone because my mom was there and that was AWESOME, but she's not P.) I wish he could see everything that I'm seeing because now all of his opinions are really just my own filtered back to me. But he asks good questions and I've drained my camera battery each day taking pictures. Still.

The top 3 have been selected and we have a big decision to make now!


We had some extra time, so Mom and I went to Target where I made my very first ever impulse buy on shoes. I wear sandals (more flip-flops than anything else) almost every day and shoes always seem expensive and uncomfortable to me. So I saw these boots. Beautiful brown boots. I picked them up and took them to the cash register and bought them without even trying them on. Kiss of death.

P's always telling me to relax a little and be more impulsive. I don't buy anything without thinking it to death first, so I was feeling pretty proud of myself.

Back to the hotel and I hate how they feel on my feet. I don't have time to return them so I have to pack them in my luggage and return them in CA. Stupid freakin' impulse buy.

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