Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This is the boring part

My RE initially said three weeks of bcps which became four weeks when I spoke with my nurse. What a snoozefest. I do my uterine measurement/mock transfer this week and then more waiting.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to become more positive about the whole thing which is hard after nearly four years of cynicism. Still, there's nothing else for me to DO right now, so I may as well give the whole, "why not us?" outlook a spin. It's not exactly an attitude I'm comfortable in because I know that its fragile and easily corrupted by disappointment and despair, but still...

I'm at the very least going to (attempt to) approach this whole thing with the attitude that it can work (unlike my attitude toward IUI which was basically something that I felt I had to do in order to earn my lap.)

We'll see how long this lasts.


Irish Girl said...

It can and often does work!

(please repeat that back to me when or if I am in your shoes :)

My current mantra is "don't plan, just do" ... because so many things in this life are out of our control.

Standing by, hoping hope hoping for you!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I just read your last two post and wanted to encourage you...you CAN do IVF. I know that the BCPs part can last forever then the down reg. but once you start stims it will fly by. I don't know your histroy but IVF gives you the best odds. And as my hubby says (mostly about blackjack in Vegas) you have to play the odds. I will be checking in on you and praying the best outcome for you.