Friday, January 12, 2007


Get a copy of your surgery report.

Apparently, one of my ovaries was adhered to my pelvic wall and no one told me.

There were a couple other details that I didn't know until I read the actual report. I'm not sure that this actually means anything, as they're all pretty minor findings (other than the endo and the fibroid that I already knew about,) but the details do matter when you're trying to formulate a plan for the future.


Irish Girl said...

A patient is her own best advocate. Few care more than you do about your health or your future. Sad, but true. I'm glad you took the initiative to get the report and read through it. At least now you know what questions to ask, right?

How are you doing? Hanging in? I'm thinking about you and hopeing you are well.

Irish Girl said...

Hoping too. :)

twirl said...

I had to look up so many words!

Mostly, it was bland, but the list of post-op diagnoses was what caught my eye. I didn't know about the adhesions or endometriomas (did someone not tell me? was I too doped up to remember?) so I'm glad I read it.

At least now I know I have all the info. When the doc is flipping through my chart, I know what he's looking at.