Thursday, January 18, 2007

things that are currently broken in my house (not including my reproductive system)

1. dishwasher handle. The dishwasher itself still works, but the handle has to be manipulated a lot in order to get it to open up and P is not capable of doing this. Of course, he was not capable of opening up the dishwasher and inserting dirty dishes before either. It's just a matter of time, I presume, until I'm not able to get it open any longer and we have to replace the whole thing because of the stupid handle.

2. garbage disposal. I don't know what the fuck is wrong with this thing. It was working and then it wasn't. It's not the circuit, the wires all appear to be attached, and nothing is jammed inside it. It just. won't. work. Today I'm pretending it's not a problem.

3. our mattress. Not exactly broken, but we never really got all the smell out and it bothers me, so I'm pretty sure it counts. Especially since it's my list and all.

4. sump pump. For some reason it just stopped working. Basement began to flood. Switched plug into different outlet and now it works. So the pump isn't broken, we're just having random electrical problems (in our nearlyfreakinnew house?)

5. light bulbs. Three of these suckers in two days. Um, did someone put a hex on my house?

I hate. hate. hate. having broken things.


r.a.w. said...

I can sympathize with your list. Mine is not as long or detailed, but:
1. We also have a weird dishwasher handle thing going on.
2. The washing machine we picked up off the side of the road for free (which I am alternately ashamed and proud to admit) before we bought our house throws itself off balance and slams into the wall as it agitates.
3. My light bulb issues are (or were until last Wednesday) with my car. Which was great because I had an appointment to get them fixed (headlight, brake light, and even a tag light). Then my brother came to see me at work on my birthday and locked his keys in his own car. I lent him my car to go to his house and get the spare so he could come back and get in his car. On the way to the house, the cops pulled him over for having lights out. Poor kid was never pulled over before and was so freaked he got out of the car. The officer yelled at him for that one. But he got out of it with just a warning.

At least your list doesn't make you the worst big sister ever... :(

r.a.w. said...

P.S. I guess I made my list pretty long and detailed with that story didn't I? Sorry...

Liv said...

Sounds like you have an electrical gremlin. Look on the bottom of your garbage disposal, under your sink. You should have a little button somewhere on it. It is a reset button. See if that helps.

twirl said...


i tried the button thing, but it didn't work. i got an almost-working sound and then nothing again.

Irish Girl said...

Yeah, what liv said ... also, if that doesn't work, look for an allen wrench sized notch on the bottom of it. Try inserting allen wrench and turning, sometimes that fixes ours. Dang garbage disposals. I hardly use mine anymore because of this very issue.

Sorry things are breaking over there.

Liv said...

It sounds like maybe the motor is burned out then. Do you know how old it is? I hear they are not very difficult to replace.

twirl said...


It looks like the wrench thing worked.

I think I love you.