Sunday, January 07, 2007

fuck part four

Well, that miserable bitch of a cycle is over.

The extreme bloat is finally gone and I can pretty much button my pants and sit down in them without "discomfort." What a relief, right? gah. How many more times am I going to do this to myself? That's a post for a less emotional day. Fucking hormones.


I meant to post this weeks ago and forgot. Sorry.

My lap recovery looked like:

Wednesday: surgery midday. They won't let you leave until you pee. This is much harder for some people than others, and I was told not to plan on being out of the hospital before dinnertime. I excelled at peeing and was asking for my pants (flannel, big, with penguins) as soon as they'd let me have them. I brought a pillow for the car ride home, but the painkillers were keeping me pretty comfortable already. Couch-bound for the rest of the evening/night.

Thursday: worst day. I was miserable with gas pains in my shoulder and the best way to get rid of it is to either lay completely flat (which didn't always help) or get up and walk around (which was sore on my abs.) The painkillers seemed less effective and my insides felt all mushy and unstable. I was walking in slow circles in my living room like a loon and feeling awful from both types of pain!

Friday: still on prescription painkillers. Spent most of the day on the couch. Still asking my mommy to please tie my shoes for me because bending--- no, thanks.

Saturday: painkillers am only. Felt much better, but not 100%. Still asking my mommy to please tie my shoes for me because bending was still unpleasant. Tired easily.

Sunday: I was feeling well enough to be on motrin (800) only, and was able to drive. I still felt much more tired than usual and couldn't stay out too long.

Monday: Wore regular pants again for short periods of time when I wasn't going to have to bend.

Tuesday: post-op appointment. Wore regular pants all day, stitches came out and was cleared for all activities that I felt like.

I kept band-aids/gauze pads over my incisions much longer than necessary (even after the stitches were out) because the sites were still sore if they had contact with my pants, panties, or an animal's enormous freaking paw. I highly recommend this.

At about one month after I still felt occasional pains inside near incision sites or areas that were cleaned up/manipulated, but it wasn't really bad and I didn't need to take anything for it.

So there it is.

Good luck, Liv, on your surgery this week!


Liv said...

Thanks Love. I just hope they find something there to warrant going through this. But not something too bad.

Irish Girl said...

Thanks for the info re: lap. I'm still dragging my feet on this one. Denial, baby, yeah.

Thinking of you and hoping today is a better day than ones you've had most recently.