Thursday, January 25, 2007

Practice makes... cramps


Very nice nurse, all said with a smile, not being mean at all...

"Do you have a full bladder?"

"Um, I think so."

"Hesitation... that means no!"

"Well, it feels full to ME."

"We'll see soon enough if you're telling the truth."


Has anyone had a mock transfer that hurt like a sonofabitch? I didn't think the transfer was going to be uncomfortable. Am I delusional? My RE touched the top of my ute with the catheter (ok, I'll be honest, he was actually using JAGGED STICKS!) and he said that's what the cramping was and that he wouldn't do it at transfer, he was just measuring how far it was to the top of the uterus. But I was feeling some "discomfort" before that. I've had a similar feeling with the IUIs, so I assume it's just me and the catheter not getting along.

So I guess it wasn't that bad. Maybe. I don't know now. I thought my biggest worry was going to be if my bladder was full enough and then not peeing all over the doctor's hand. Do they cancel your cycle if you pee on them?

Then they flushed the uterus with a saline solution and looked at my barrenness.

"It looks good. Good shape, and nice and clear."

"It should be. I don't routinely store things in there or anything."

Perhaps I just don't LIKE how it feels when we shove gently guide things through my cervix. I'm strange like that.


Irish Girl said...

I've never had a mock transfer but my HSG hurt like a mutha (!!!!!!!!!). It was extremely painful for me ... way worse than any of my IUIs. So I don't especially like things being jammed up in there either. You are not alone.

Eek. Dare I be excited for you?!

Stephanie said...

With my mock transfer I didn't notice that it hurt, but the "real" transfer was so painful. not due to the threading of a cath into my uterus but that my bladder was about to burst! Oh man, that was horrible! I am dreading have to go through it again on Monday.

Katie said...

Mock transfers aren't fun for some people. Mine was awful, but one of those things you get through in the hopes that it brings better things. Hope you're enjoying this deep freeze.