Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

P and I have started a pumpkin patch tradition, which we take very seriously. It's important to select just the right pumpkin. He (for some reason, they're all masculine) must not be too wrinkly or have any signs of insect infestation. He must be of adequate size (what is it with guys and their need to find the biggest pumpkin out there? Is it a penis thing?) and appropriately shaped. He must have a decent "hat" that includes a carry handle (because you have to walk waaaaayyy out there to get a decent one when you wait too long!)

At least it wasn't raining when we went this year so we weren't all muddy.

This year I got a carving kit because I threw out all of my old steak knives and didn't want to use the ones we eat with. Anyway, we each selected a pattern from the accompanying book and got to work. P had a hard time and was quickly frustrated. He tossed his pattern aside (twice) before deciding to freehand his. We'll just not talk about how his came out. I think it made him cranky. Mine came out great! I modified the pattern and it took me forever, but when I was done I couldn't stop staring at my kitty! I almost don't want to put it outside because I'm so happy about it! The cats were intrigued with the process, and my little piglet wanted to taste the pumpkin guts.

Speaking of my little piglet...

He did get treats for dressing up. It's only fair.


Dramalish said...

That's fantastic.
I love the look on kitty's face:
"There better be a DAMN lot of treats involved for humiliation like this!"

Too cute. Thanks for the laughs.

twirl said...

You're welcome!

(and he didn't actually hate it as much as it looks. what he really hated was going to the "fittings" beforehand...)