Friday, October 21, 2005

Blink meets Buffy

April said, "And - random question - but where does your blog name come from? I've got a Blink 182 song stuck in my head now (Don't Leave Me)."

I landed on OMWF because it fit me. I'm starting over, and I hope this time I can be myself, let more out, and not be so closed off. This time I'm going to get it right.

The wording came from Buffy the Vampire Slayer ("Tabula Rasa" was taken and "Crazy Troll Logic" wasn't quite right) but it also feels like a drama thing and I Image hosted by theatre!

In the last couple months, I'd hear music and create related posts in my head. So if it looks like now (or in the future) that a lot of my post titles are song titles/lyrics, well, they probably are.

On another note, when I was a pre-k teacher I had a little girl who could sing all the words to "All the Small Things." I routinely rewarded her for performing this show for other teachers. Great fun! In addition to Blink-182, she also knew selections from Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Madonna, and a variety of other artists.


Lala said...

Starting over is good.

Julie said...

It's my favorite episode! I even have the CD :)