Monday, October 10, 2005

If you're sad...

...then it's time you spoke up too!

Part of my goal in picking up and moving here was to re-gain my anonymity. I read other blogs and it seems as though people are able/willing to share so much of themselves, and I've never felt that way. Ranting was fine, but real feelings? Almost, but not quite. I think that by using my real name I was always just a little afraid to be me out loud (and with good reason, I've been "found" both on the internet and in life when I didn't want to be. Paranoid? Yep.)

So. Here are my two main goals:

1. participate more with others


2. allow myself to have feelings (and share them)


Last night I was watching Grey's Anatomy and I couldn't stop crying. There was a tiny drug-addicted baby that was abandoned in the hospital by her mother and she probably wasn't going to live. Life.Is.UnFuckingFair. I'm kinda glad that Sandra Oh's character had an ectopic so they didn't have to do the abortion storyline.

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