Thursday, November 03, 2005

Links for the over-thinkers

I was thinking it would be nice to add a few links to my sidebar. I know that when I go blog-reading, I have a few "regulars" but I also like to go from blog to blog with no plan and see who I meet out there. So in the interest of fairness, I feel as though I ought to participate in the great blog link.

But who do I choose? There are so many great blogs to read, and I don't want my list to go on forever. I don't think I want the "standard" list with all the same people on it because that's just boring. I also like to read about a variety of things. I enjoy the IF/adoption blogs, but recently I've become a fan of teacher blogs (more on that in another post.)

How did you choose who to link to?


Lala said...

I just link to EVERYBODY. I'm a slut! heh

Julie said...

I'm w/lala - I'm a blogwhore too - I just link to everyone I read.