Wednesday, November 09, 2005


1. cramps. painful, inconvenient, bastard cramps. ute likely falling out.
2. must purchase appropriate footwear for P's work party. have little extra money and hate shopping for uncomfortable shoes. will go tomorrow instead due to #1.
3. low on f'in tampons. hope supply lasts until tomorrow because leaving the house today=no.
4. must locate specific belt for lazy husband.
5. husband pissing me off, though he hasn't exactly done anything.
6. mustard container won't squeeze out mustard. tried to fix container. mustard covering shirt.
7. oh good. tampon leaked. fuck. must clean bathroom floor and panties. massacre.
8. panties and mustard shirt to laundry.
9. husband comes home early. sight of him is annoying. not his fault, but calling me cranky when I clearly AM cranky not his most brilliant move ever.
10. husband points out tear in favorite sheets. not fixable. kitten notices tear and plays inside.
11. kitten wrecked the underside of the box spring. box spring now has holes. is obnoxious to listen to as he abandons tear in sheet to climb into the bed.
12. SuperTwirl lifts mattress, box spring off frame to remove kitten. kitten proves elusive and evades CrampingTwirl.
13. trick kitten into leaving bedroom and lock him out.
14. husband enters bedroom, allowing kitten to reenter.
15. pretend not to notice.
16. cry.
17. curl up in discarded covers on floor and take long nap.
18. wake up when husband takes picture of Twirl with GoodKitty sleeping on floor next to disassembled bed.
19. pretend not to and go back to sleep.
20. wake up for real and remove filmy lining from underside of box spring. decide to fix another time.
21. put bed back together.
22. remove clothes from dryer an put away.
23. dishes still not clean, husband reading magazine. martyr self and do dishes in pain.
24. sit at computer and pout. do NOT make dinner.
25. watch tv.
26. have tea for dinner at 8:30. popsicle at 9. don't care about nutritional content.
27. go to bed with husband.
28. do not hurt husband when he hugs and says, "why didn't you let me be nice to you today?" because fighting sucks and sleeping is better and the hug is really the best part of the whole bastard day.
29. being in the middle of a husband-wife-kitty sandwich doesn't always suck.

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Leigh said...

Read this and laughed my ass off!! Thanks, I needed it.