Wednesday, November 16, 2005

hmmm... what else?

1. I've started to create links. I'm not done. I got bored, so I'm only doing a couple at a time. There will be more.

2. I really like that this picture is on my yahoo front page
P really, really, REALLY wants a golden puppy. I want a puppy in theory. I like to look at puppies. I think it would be great for a kid (haha) to grow up with a dog. I don't really want to clean up their messes (the dog, I'm on board with kid messes.) I've been able to put him off so far with "after we move," but now that moving is in a matter of months and not just theoretical, I may be in trouble.

3. I have a story about P and "The Power of the Penis" that was really funny but I'm having a difficult time translating it into a blog post. I'm also a little nervous about posting something to do with sex.

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