Thursday, August 02, 2007

"so much stuff"

I want to start this by saying that I'm really enjoying being pregnant. I LOVE feeling my little girl kicking and rolling around (though, honestly, I could do without the bladder-grinder part) and I actually feel pretty good about my body. I like thinking baby thoughts even when they seem abstract. My MIL is beyond thrilled and I'm really happy about that. My own mom and grandparents are over the moon as well, even if they're sad it's all happening so far away. Finally, I feel like I can be a source of good and happiness for others instead of a depressing downer.


I walked around BRU with my mom once, when I was visiting, and it was kind of fun. I liked going with her and looking at things and seeing how excited she got at the idea of a 9lb stroller that folded up with one hand. I went with P once and was totally amused by him pulling strollers down and test driving them and watching him fold them up but then not being able to pop them open again so that when we left the section there was a line of closed up strollers resting awkwardly on the display shelf (sorry, BRU people, at least we gave you something to do!) And I went one day alone. Mostly, I prefer to shop alone. I like to take my time and look at what I want without worrying about other people. But that day hormones were getting the best of me as I looked around the store and saw people all in pairs. Husbands and wives, mothers and daughters, friends and sisters. I felt alone. Sometimes there are disadvantages to being a loner.


With all my unhappiness about the idea of a shower, you may have guessed that registering would also be a challenge for me. Even as I poo-poo-ed the shower idea, I knew I'd still need to do a registry. Our families are spread out over sevenish different states and the "what do they need/want?" question was bound to come up, (and has, frequently) so a registry it is.

Now, I approach baby products like I do everything else. (Exhaustive) research, read reviews, be sure, discuss with P, then purchase. I became obsessed with carseat safety and to that end, I feel very satisfied with my choice. It turns out that the carseat was the easy part. How do I select a pack n play? What color high chair should I choose? Just how important are sheets with elastic all the way around and is a mattress pad even safe for a baby? What's the deal with the diaper genie 2? If we empty the diapers daily does it even matter what type of disposal system we pick? I can easily become overcome with indecision on the trivial things, and safety issues really put me over the top!

So, I've been researching for weeks now. And for weeks now P and I have been getting the "when are you gonna register?" question. At first, it was easy because I was able to say "not until we know the gender" and no one could really argue it. Now that we know.... well, let's just say that people are starting to shop and it's in my best interest to get a registry up and running so that we get the things we really want (I don't really care if people want to buy gifts from wherever, and they are, of course, free to choose what they'd like, but since they're asking...) MIL keeps telling P how we need "so much stuff."

So I've started my registry online and put a handful of things on it. But I still need to go to the actual store and walk around with the damn scanner. And soon. Today maybe?

There's not much of a point to this post, really, but if you have a product that you love, I'd be glad to hear about it.


Cat, Galloping said...

1. Ergo baby carrier
2. Angel care monitor (or other with motion sensor)

Furrow said...

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying yourself.

We still haven't done an in-store registry. I have done a BRU and Tar.get online registry, which I've found to be a good thing, since I can see reviews and because each store has different inventory, anyway. You can tell when someone registered exclusively in store, because looking at their registry online, you see that lots of their stuff got really crappy reviews, and no one would purposely do that. However, it's annoying seeing items change from "Available in stores" to "Online only" from one week to the next.

I would like to take the husband along, though, to pick out a few things because it's been fun seeing him actually pay attention and get involved when we do walk through baby stores. I'm a bit of a control freak, though, so I'm afraid I haven't required more of him than symbolic approval of the things I've chosen.

I don't have any suggestions since I'm at the same stage you are. I've made selections, but who knows if they're good ones or not. My first shower is in a few weeks. I'm hoping to get several things off the registry rather than just tons of cute girly clothes, which people lose their minds over.

Sorry for writing a book. If you want to email me about registry woes, feel free.

Sarah said...

you've probably already found this in all your research, esp since you said the car seat was easy, but the one thing i really love is that book Baby Bargains.helped me so much with all the decisions.

Angie said...

No suggestions, just glad to see there are others out there like me! :-)