Friday, August 17, 2007


I can't believe it, but I passed the GD screening! I really thought I'd need to take the three hour test. For the time, at least, my bagels are safe.

My iron is a tiny bit low, but nothing too concerning.

The baby is (still) a girl, and doesn't look as if she intends to grow any additional parts. We finally got a clear view and I'm very relieved that the doctor was correct before.

Even though I feel her kick a lot now, there's nothing in the world like hearing her heart beating.


Heather said...

YAY for bagels!!!

Irish Girl said...

sneaking online for a second ... can't help but comment! wonderful. simply wonderful.

Anonymous said...

very good news - bring on the dessert!

Sarah said...

woohoo! i'm kindda jealous you got another look in there, but so happy for the confirmation!

Furrow said...

Yippee! Go have an ice cream sundae to celebrate. My iron was a bit low, too. Probably still is, since I keep forgetting to take my pill.

I kind of wish I could get another peak at the old genitals on my presumed girl. If it turns out to be a boy, he's just going to have to enjoy pink dresses, because we got an awful lot of them at my first shower last weekend.

Karen said...

Am very happy to hear that your bagels are safe!!! :)