Monday, August 27, 2007

placenta update

I had another hospital scan to check the placenta. As a recap, I have a marginal placenta previa (where the placenta is within 5cm of the cervix, but not completely covering the cervix.)

With a complete previa, the only safe delivery option is a c-section, and with a partial or marginal previa, a c-section is considered a good option when the placenta is close enough to be a hemorrhage risk. Most (upwards of 90%) low-lying, marginal, or partial previas move up as the uterus grows in the second trimester and do not pose any danger to the mom or baby once they've moved away from the cervix.

Mine hasn't moved. Not a bit. I'm still at 2cm. I would have expected to see some movement by the third trimester, so I'm not sure if I should expect it to go anywhere at this point. What does this mean?

I could be one of the 10% who doesn't have the placenta move, OR

have the placenta move a bit sometime between now and delivery -and-
-it might not move enough and still may require a c-section for a safe delivery -or-
-it will move enough to have a vaginal delivery

I've seen 5cm away as the threshold for safely delivering vaginally, but it's subjective. I don't yet know what my doctor's opinion is as it was too early to discuss it when we found it and I haven't had my follow-up with him yet. At the very least, I'll likely be going for at least one more hospital ultrasound to check placement and/or movement as we get closer to the end.


Cat, Galloping said...

you know i loved my c-section. i personally think the recoveries are very similar (and vary from person to person), it's just the site of the wound that differs.

Angie said...

I'm sorry to hear about the placenta. I hope everything works out perfectly!

Sarah said...

looking forward to hearing what your doc had to say about this...i guess it will be what it will be. however it goes, i hope it's as easy as possible for you.