Thursday, August 23, 2007

on the phone with the inlaws

MIL: So do you have a name yet?

P: Not yet, we're down to those four I told you.

MIL: Well, you have time. Maybe you'll think of some others.


P & FIL are talking about nothing.

MIL: (in background, says something P can't make out)

FIL: I'm not asking him about that!

P: ?

FIL: (slightly disgusted) Your mom wants to ask you some questions.

MIL: Is Twirl planning on breastfeeding?


furrow said...

Oh, the in-laws. This baby stuff makes all their little quirks flash neon.

I love the name comment. Did she mean it like that? We just last weekend told B's family the name we decided on. They've been hounding us from the beginning. They seem to like it, and I didn't think they would. Maybe they are just great actors.

decemberbaby said...

Oh yeah, the in-laws and their eccentricities... and that word is me being nice!

I'm rolling my eyes on your behalf.

carosgram said...

Amazing, isn't it.

r.a.w. said...

Hehehe - there are some things the boys will NEVER be comfortable talking about!

Sarah said...

IRRITATING! i'm not sharing name ideas with anyone besides my highly trustworthy sister. of course this just means everyone gives us lots of horrible suggestions, but at last they are sort of amusing. my favorite from my MIL was especially creative: she suggests the same name she gave her son 37 years ago (and no, it's not a gender neutral name and yes she knows it's a girl).

Irish Girl said...

In-laws. Hmph.