Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Yesterday was a secret milestone for me. I hit the "100 days to go" mark. I didn't tell anyone that I was watching for that day, and developmentally there's nothing special about it, but for me, psychologically, it was important. I've been having internet problems (it took me three days to get that last post up, minus two additional pictures!) and so I forgot to post and now it's 99 days, which is also very exciting. I'm not sure what number I'll latch onto next, and if there is one, I'm not sure I'll remember it because I currently suck at remembering stuff. But I'll let you know. Or at least I'll mean to.


Heather said...

Whenever BigP and I are doing a count down (like for our cruise) we are always so excited to get to 99 - we can then call ourselves the "double-digit midgets" (no idea why we do this, he just always has)

Sarah said...

i totally understand. i can't wait to reach the 100 mark - i'm at 104 today. i will probably forget to notice when it actually happens, but i'll be v excited when i do finally realize it!