Thursday, July 26, 2007

24 weeks

viability. what an awesome word. this is a huge milestone for me. they would really try to save my baby if it was born right now, today, and it would actually have a shot at making it. obviously i don't want my baby to be born at 24 weeks, but it's amazing to me that there's even a possibility for a non-tragic outcome.

there's a real, living, human rolling around in me. and it's more likely than not that it will stay that way. you know, alive. it's really mind-blowing.

at this point, my brain has gotten quite mushy and i frequently forget what i was going to say or do. i can't seem to come up with the proper words for things. i am the cliche that can't remember why i went downstairs. clearly, there's a leech sucking away my brain power.

i like how my belly feels. i like seeing it, and i like how i look with it. i'm even not so hateful about my infertility pounds. what i'm not wild about is the fact that polishing my toenails on my own may not be a possibility any longer, but i can live with that.

my very favorite thing is to feel the baby move. even when this morning we had another round of grind-mommy's-bladder-into-a-pancake-with-my-skull so that i was unable to get out of bed for about an hour due to the searing pain, i was actually happy to feel the baby moving. the movements are bigger, stronger, and more frequent. we play poking games with each other. this is, so far, my favorite part.


LJ said...

How terribly adorable. Congrats on the big milestone!

Irish Girl said...

It sounds wonderful, Twirl! Enjoy every moment of it. I'm so happy for you!

Sarah said...

i have no brain power left either. a comment like this takes about 14,000 edits to get all the typos these days. but i don't think that's the only reason viability sounds WILDLY outrageous. i hope it has this affect on me too when i get there (in a week and a half!!). congratulations, i'm so happy for you!!

Stephanie said...

Wow, that is great. What a milestone to reach. Congrats