Saturday, July 14, 2007

hangin' with the old wives

leg hair growth = slower
bigger ass = probably
foot temp = same
fetal heartbeat = always over 140
watermelon or beach ball = i'll go watermelon, but it could be that I'm just wide!
i'd pick up a mug by the body or handle = body
increase of acne = yes
chinese gender predictor (lunar age)
more moody than usual = lately, absolutely!
hair thickness (thicker or stringier) = no change
carrying high or low = uh, in the middle

wedding ring = circles (but there's not a consensus of which this is supposed to be!)
orange juice = no thank you!
morning sickness = not much

sour or salty vs. sweet = sour/salty
dad gaining weight = nope

weight gain in the face = don't think so
craving meat/cheese = boy
skin drier = yes
chinese gender predictor
clumsy or graceful = clumsy
baby is very active
i'd pick up a key by the fat part


It's pretty shocking that they don't agree, isn't it? Gotta love my little "neutral" one!


Furrow said...

wow! so shocking! heh heh.

Very few of them worked for me. Even the chinese lunar calendar was wrong. Though the ring thing did work, if you go with the girl=circles intepretation.

Sarah said...

i was such a cliche. from the beginning meat made me gag (although more cheese please!), and i craved sweets big time, especially strawberry flavored things, which was never my thing. also, instead of a little line of darker hair on my belly as you sometimes hear boys cause, mine that was always there went away.

when might you get another peek?