Thursday, July 19, 2007

history of movement

14w4d: slight rippling vibration. brief. shocking.

15w3d: "bubbles"

Intermittent thumps/pokes, something lumpy is under me when I lay down

20w: someone either likes my singing to or is deeply offended by it.

21w3d: someone can now let me know that s/he is hungry/that I need to sit down/go to the bathroom/stop stressing out

22w: feeling regular movement. regular meaning daily, no real pattern or anything, but s/he's usually somewhat active in the evening and night. I can sense a strong reaction to caffeine.

22w3d: I wake up and want to feel the baby. I poke him/her. S/he pokes me back. HUGE smile for hours.

23 weeks. I may have felt the baby once last night (usually I feel more.) Not as strong as usual. Not responding to poking. Not responding to position changes. Have had a cup of caffeinated coffee and have so far felt no response. Trying to tell myself that babies are not reliable with movement at this stage and that it's normal to have a quiet, relaxed day(s?) Don't want to get worked up about it, but of course I really, really want need to feel something here soon. Like, now.

*** Update: I think the coffee finally kicked in. I suspect the baby has changed positions. I was hoping that by posting this that I'd feel something shortly after so that I could feel as though I was a big ole worrywart over nothing. It worked.


Sarah said...

i like your technique, so glad it worked!

Furrow said...

I'm at nearly 26 weeks and those quiet spells still happen at times. I bug the heck out of her until she gives me what I need.

And yeah, blogging about a concern always makes me feel like a big ole goof afterwards, because it always seems to resolve itself as soon as I hit publish. Excellent technique!

Irish Girl said...

Hurray! It worked! You're a big ole worrywart :)

(keep poking away if it makes you feel better ... i know i would!)

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's what they do. They start worrying you from day one.... little buggers. :-)