Thursday, July 12, 2007

no reply comment

Sometimes I want to respond personally to a comment you've left but I can't because I don't have your email address. If you use blogger, you can change your profile settings so that your email address is visible (and as far as I can tell, this gets you no additional spam) and it will show up to the blog owner when you leave comments. Or, you can just use the "email me" link under my name on the right and I'll save your address for future use. If I've never emailed you and you like it that way, please ignore this paragraph!


In other news, the baby has moved. Yesterday I was having an awful time peeing, it hurt like a bitch, never felt empty, and had blinding pain for a good part of the day regardless of how much time I spent resting. I also became nauseated and very tired. I was thinking infection, but my nurse informed me that once again, I'm peeing clean and though they'll send it out for more testing, it doesn't look like an infection. The doctor said the baby has flipped head down and is compressing my bladder. Holy fuck, that hurts.


Thanks for all the support on the shower thing. So glad to know that I'm not the only one not looking forward to the prospect, whatever the reason. Anyway, when I have an update or resolution I'll let you know.


Anonymous said...

holy crap, someone else who doesn't like to be touched or be the center of attention! awesome. I endured the baby showers - two, in fact - and it turns out, my selfish pleasure over receiving gifts outweighed my bad attitude about playing stupid games, listening to stupid comments and best of all terrifying stories, and putting up with my family.

ultimately, you'll make it through - whatever happens. keep focusing on your baby (the rest are just details). (how's that for assvice? I'm going to have to take that to heart as well.)

Sarah said...

oh my gosh the discomfort sounds horrible! i didn't think we were far enough along for those kinds of troubles! hope you get some relief soon...

r.a.w. said...

It's never good to mess with the bladder....

And about the shower thing - I get it. I have no sentinel event in my life that has made me that way. I even enjoyed my wedding showers. But I guess after all of this IF nonsense, the thought of a baby shower nauseates me.

I hate the games and I hate the assvice. And I haven't even had one of my own!

And why do people think it's okay to touch pregnant people's bellies? I don't get it. Just because there is a baby growing there does NOT give you the right to invade a person's space!!