Friday, August 11, 2006

P hears from an Old Friend, and I get kicked in the ute

Here's the gist of why yesterday kinda sucked for me:

Dear Old Friend,

Just wanted to say hey. I'm here in NewCity now. Twirl and I were able to get a nice house and a couple of golden retriever puppies. What have you been up to? Still hear from any of our other friends?




Hey! That's a great state to live in because I'm from there. My wife and I had a baby girl this spring (pics attatched) and named her one of the most popular names in the last five years. Our Other Friend also had a kid last winter. Those are cool dogs to have; I had one when I was a kid.

Old Friend


Usually I'm not terribly bothered by other people having babies. Especially when, from my high horse, I have deemed the couple worthy of procreation. All of these people have good jobs and have been married long enough and floss every day and use their turn signals. Nothing at all against them, happy for them, blah, blah, blah.

I think what made me cry was the idea that this guy was telling P about his child, and P was saying, "Well, we just got two puppies." Like there is any comparison other than no one has gotten any sleep at all lately.

P tries to console me by reminding me that we're trying and we're doing everything we can. Swallowing bcps each day does not feel like trying to me, but he'll come back with something stupid and logical like reminding me that I need to take them to shrink my ovaries back to human size so I say nothing.

Some days doing "everything you can" is just not good enough. But hey, it's ok- we have puppies.

(Oh, and this is also my way of telling you all that we have two new puppies.)


Cat, Galloping said...

Those emails from old friends somehow hurt the most. It's hard to explain or understand why, but I never forget how it felt and I rarely mention Gatito when I'm getting back in touch with old friends for that reason.

More puppy pictures! More puppy pictures! More puppy pictures!

twirl said...

LOL... in the ten days we've had the puppies, I've taken literally hundreds of pictures!

Angie said...

I hate hearing news like that from old friends! I get insanely jealous and feel less worthy of life! I do however, LOVE my doggies, they are our babies! They have honestly made this IF stuff easier to deal with! So, I'm glad to hear that you have two puppies now!