Wednesday, August 23, 2006


We went to the vet today. The little monsters doubled in size in the last month and they now officially outweigh the cats.


Lauren said...

Our Golden pup has surpassed the cat in both height and weight this week. The cat ain't happy. Are your two about 12 weeks? They're cute (which is a handy thing when they're being terrors)! I am a little scared for the teething.....

twirl said...


They turn 10 weeks today. And yes, OMG, the teething. We're working on appropriate chewing NOW, because it gets WORSE at 6 months when they get their perm. teeth in.

Irish Girl said...

Found you via Galloping Cats, which I found via Frances, well anyway. I'm here. Fellow infertile of almost 4 years on indefinite hold from treatments. Wishing good things for you as it appears that you're in the midst of what I fondly think of as treatment-hell. Good times.

And I love your puppies. We are a four animal house - 2 cats and 2 dogs. Your pups remind me of my chocolate lab when she was a babe. Cute but tiring, no?

Be generous with the pictures, please. It is so much fun watching their floppyness!

BTW - totally feel you on the "swimmers" post below. Also I'd like to add "babydust" and any reference at all to "pillow propping" to the annoying list.