Sunday, August 27, 2006

I'll leave out the pictures

around 10pm... Twirl comfortable on the couch, P up for a snack...

P: Girl is puking on the floor. And it's green.

Twirl: Well, she eats leaves and grass.

P: Now she's eating it.

Twirl: I told you I didn't want dogs. (thinking: you saw it, you clean it)

P: It's ok. Floor's clean now.


Motel Manager said...

Our dog regularly eats his dinner, shoves a toy into his mouth (thereby activating his gag reflex), and vomits. My husband and I just pretend we haven't seen anything, and the dog will eventually eat it back up. This has the benefit of both cleaning the floor and not wasting his semi-expensive dog food.

r.a.w. said...

When our dog gets sick and we hear it coming, we try to get him to a hard surface. But usually it ends up on the carpet, so even if he "cleans up" after himself, the carpet has a lovely bright yellow stain. Ew.

He mostly gets sick from chewing on mulch from the nearby playground (the lovely neighborhood children whose parents let them stay out until 11 pm unsupervised have mulch fights and mulch goes everywhere, including my yard) or sticks. They don't go down so well.

One time he ate my razor. He likes to go into the tub, and he took it off the wall and ate it. Hubby took him to the vet and they x-rayed and they were like - here's a piece and there's a piece, and there's another piece... We spent last Easter weekend going through poo to make sure it all came out. Ew again.