Friday, June 02, 2006

On our trip...

My boys inherited this bed from my mom's dog who never liked it.

At first, only my big kitty liked it.

Then, the "little" one discovered the glory of the bed.

But what happens when the little one won't get up when the big one wants to have a nap?

You sit on his insubordinate ass until he moves!

Sharing the bed is a tight squeeze, but it can be done if you must.

(none of the couches in these pictures are mine, they all live in various hotels.)


Cat, Galloping said...

that is so cute it hurts.

of course in our household, the big cat would just bite the little one until he gave up his place. they can only curl up together if the little one comes along second and squeezes himself around the big one.

twirl said...

My big one is the nice one. He doesn't bite and he takes a lot before he fights back. In this case, he asked nicely, waited patiently, then hissed and growled. Finally he gave up and just sat on the little one till he fell off.