Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I have mean things to say about:
my doctor
above-ground pools and chain link fences
my silverware-drawer plight

however, since I've been tagged by Angie (OMG, really? someone reads here? and wanted to tag me?) I'll take this opportunity to not whine. For now.

Five Items in my Fridge
Smirnoff Ice
Pur water dispenser
Arizona Southern Style Sweet Tea (this is my new crack!)

(hmmm... all beverages. perhaps I'm thirsty. I actually have a lot of stuff in there. do you care about all my salad dressings, dips, and vegetables?)

Five Items in my Closet
spare towels
laundry hamper
bag of purses I don't use

Five Items in my Car
satellite radio
prescription glasses so I can see at night
box of shot glasses from each state we passed through on our trip
toilet paper that I haven't brought inside yet

Five Items in my Purse
leatherman juice s2 (love the scissors!) ACK! I meant squirt s4. P has the juice.
dental floss (I hate having something in my teeth)
sharpie mini
small notebook (where I've recorded each purchase made at B&N since last year when we bought their discount card because I wanted to be sure that it paid for itself. Also, I get ideas and I have to write them down.)

Um, I have to boss Five Other People? Last time I asked for participation it didn't go so well, so instead I'll ask you Five Questions.

1. Did you learn something new I should expand on?
2. Are you even more bored with me? (you know what? don't answer that.)
3. Do you wish I would go back to bitching?
4. Would you rather see more cat pictures?
5. Do you know the secret to not having your down comforter look messy on the bed once you put a duvet cover on it?


lala said...

#5, I wanna know the answer to #5 please

Cat, Galloping said...

1. What's leatherman juice s2? And did the B&N card pay for itself?

2. Of course not, I love your cranky self

3. The more crank the better.

4. Yes! Always more cat pictures!

5. Yes, if you also include the secret to making it evenly distributed that preferably requires no seweing of buttons or snaps at the corners.