Thursday, June 22, 2006

Brought to you by the letter W

W is for Waiting. I'm waiting to be a mom, waiting for my next period, waiting for stims, waiting to hear back about a master's program I'm interested in, waiting for the dryer to beep, waiting for my refund check from my old phone company. Update: it'a a no-go on the master's program, at least for now.

W is for Wildlife. In addition to the ducks, I've also seen a muskrat (had no idea what the thing was, thought a "muskrat" was a fake animal, had to google) and a blue heron and some turtles and a snake. P saw a deer and I missed it.

W is for Window Washing. I have 16 windows and two glass doors. I've used up 34 trees cleaning them.

W is for Wicked. How awesome was that show? I'm so seeing that again! Defying Gravity is my new favorite song.

W is for White-trash Window covering. Due to the down comforter issue, I'm renewing the search for bedding. I've been reluctant to purchase curtains until I finalize the bedding because if it didn't match I couldn't stand it. Yes, I do realize that some people have actual problems.

W is for Wishy-Washy. I'm pretty sure the cashiers are going to notice soon that I keep buying and returning things. I bought two dresses (for my mom's Wedding) and returned one. I've bought three different silverware drawer organizers only to find out that none of them fit. I bought a cordless phone for the wall in the kitchen but there's no outlet nearby so that has to be exchanged for a corded one. I'm returning the aforementioned comforter and the pillows I bought to match. I'm usually such a pain in the ass who takes forever to make a purchase thoughtful shopper that I actually feel bad for returning things.

W is for Where are my tickets? I think P gave me tickets to a concert in February. Before the move. And I just realized that I'm not entirely sure where they are. And he doesn't know yet. And the concert is next week. I better get off the damn internet and go look. Update: I found them. If I forget again, tell me to look by the alcohol.

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baggage said...

Wicked is awesome. LOVE IT.