Saturday, June 24, 2006

I am, most certainly, completely insane

There I was, standing in the aisle filled with baking supplies. Usually I hurry through this aisle, as I almost never need anything in it, and the boxes of coffee cake mix are far too tempting when I'm weak.

But not this day.

On this day, I lingered. I knew turning my cart into the aisle, looking at the spices and oils and sugars that I was going to stop. I had one thing on my mind: chocolate frosting. I needed to find some chocolate frosting that I could eat from the container, health be damned. And as I stood there, pondering the merits of milk chocolate vs. chocolate fudge and Pillsbury vs. Betty Crocker, I realized that I was probably more than a little crazy.

I'm pretty sure that once you've decided you're going to eat the frosting directly from the container with or without a spoon like a fat cow, you no longer need to analyze the various candidates and select the winner based on its freaking sugar/fat/sodium content.

Just pick one so you can later fish it out of the grocery bag while still in the parking lot and have a fingerful right there in the front seat of the car, you raving psycho.


Anonymous said...

I like how you write. You have a sarcastic undertone which I find very appealing.


twirl said...


(unless you were being sarcstic and you really think I'm crap.)

See how well I take a compliment!

Rebecca said...

Ah, yes, frosting directly from the container. Who says you need something like a cake to go underneath it? Sometimes I keep a container in the fridge and sneak a spoonful when I want something sweet. My husband thinks I'm a bit odd...