Monday, June 12, 2006


5. Do you know the secret to not having your down comforter look messy on the bed once you put a duvet cover on it?

Ok, I was kinda hoping one you YOU would know the secret and tell ME. I've come up with these possible solutions:

1) Do nothing and have a messy looking bed. Ok, I couldn't even let that one stand, it's that absurd.
2) Discover that your husband is possibly allergic to the hypoallergenic down comforter and run various experiments that include benadryl, claritin, sleeping with the window open and then shut, removing the comforter and returning it to the store.

Now, which sounds like more fun to you?

Cats, I got clips that go on the inside and did a pretty decent job keeping it in place. Want em?

1. What's leatherman juice s2?

I blew it on this one. I meant the squirt p4. (P has the juice s2 and bugged me to buy it for so long it got stuck in my head.) Anyway. The leatherman squirt p4 is a really cool pocketknife. P made fun of me when I first got it (which is bizarre since he gave it to me) because of its size. It's small. It has scissors instead of pliers, which I find far more useful. I mean, how often do you reach for your handy pliers when you're out and about? Not often. But if you're carrying scissors, you can snip loose threads, price tags, security tags, and someone's hair if they're in front of you in line and they have 16 items in the express lane. Who, me? Nope, just putting my pliers back in my purse.

It's shiny and beautiful and red. And I use it a lot. And P has since eaten his words and borrowed it several times because he can't be bothered to go look for scissors. Hello! They're in the drawer. The same drawer I always hide them in! But, no, please, search my purse because that's easier.


And did the B&N card pay for itself?

YES! However, I think that's mostly because we made it part of our routine to go to B&N on the weekend and look around, read magazines, and buy overpriced coffee beverages fairly regularly. Each week we'd buy a beverage, a snack, and then our mags/books while making fun of the students who brought their homework to the bookstore and sat there for hours over one mostly empty frappuccino (ok, so we bitched about this when there were no tables available because some people are table hogs and only have a plastic cup of water and a calculus book, but whatever.)

We saved around $80 after the cost of the card, which I'm pretty sure just paid for the 'bucks we drank there each week.


Next up:

4. Yes! Always more cat pictures!

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