Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I've been a bad blogger. A bad internet friend. I've hardly posted and rarely commented. But I'm going to ask you for a favor now.

The kitten (ok, so he's 3, but he's still my baby) is very sick and in the kitty hospital. If there's anyone still reading, please, please, please would you pray/think happy thoughts/direct good vibes/anything his way? Please? He's Birdie's favorite pet and he sleeps by my head and he chases flies and knocks over his water bowl every time and I love him.

I get to visit him this afternoon, so more about that and what's wrong with him later.


Lala said...

I wish your kitty the best. I also want for you to lighten up on yourself. Don't burden yourself with other people's expectations because I'll be damned but they don't exist.

Irish Girl said...

Oh no!!! Poor kitty ... and poor Twirl! I hope he is all better soon. Keep us posted ... but only as time permits. And please do not worry about posting or commenting or any of that. We all love ya no matter what ;-)

Angie said...

Sending healthy kitty thoughts your way!

Furrow said...

Geez. This post just NOW showed up in bloglines, along with your three more recent posts. My thoughts WOULD have been with your kitty and I'm very glad he's home and well.