Wednesday, May 28, 2008

back to mac

Ok, so it's been about a hundred years since I've used a mac (ok, maybe just since college, but it feels like... anyway.) and now I have one again!

For any of you mac users out there, I have a software question:

Do you use pages 08 (iwork) or microsoft word (for mac) for your word processing?  Why, and what do you like/dislike?


Cat, Galloping said...

i use Word because it's compatible with the rest of the world but actually i practically never word process on my personal computer anyway. pretty much resumes only.

Sarah said...

i use word (and the rest of office) practically 24/7 for work and it works great - just like the PC versions (only better of course!) and completely compatible. welcome back!

Sarah P. said...

I use Microsoft Word for Mac for a few reasons:

1. Everyone else uses it, so when I need to e-mail documents to other people, I know it will work on their PC.

2. When I first started using my Mac, it was all I could do to get used to the other things that are different about it vs. a PC. I didn't want to have to bother with trying to figure out a new program on top of that, too. And I've just stuck with it ever since.