Friday, June 06, 2008


My Little guy came home today!  I wasn't expecting it at all.  I was thinking tomorrow, maybe, unless we determined he needed surgery (which he still might, but not for now.)  He's peeing on his own and he's been off catheter for over 12 hours now.  Exciting stuff.  I have to bring him in tomorrow for a bladder check just to make sure he's still ok.  

The home-care part is a lot of work!  He has to take three pills two times per day.  That's SIX pills.  Have you ever given your cat six pills in one day?  I wish it was a shot!  He also must eat special food (he hasn't had one bite - I measured!) and he has his own box (for now, just so I can monitor his output apart from the Big Kitty) so he's shut up in our room/bathroom by himself.  At least it's familiar.  At the vet's they said he was a sweetheart but very nervous.  I could tell.  I visited him for an hour every day and he jumped every time a drawer was shut in another room!  They put him as far away from the dogs as possible, but there's nothing comforting about being at the hospital, even for a cat.

I can tell he wants to prowl around the house, but I want him where I can find him easily and monitor his activities.  Hopefully he'll just rest and eat.

Another interesting (or not) tidbit - while I was gone Birdie had a poopy diaper.  It's the first one P has had to deal with since we switched to cloth (yeah, in April!) and he texted me to tell me about it.  Being a parent is awesome!


Irish Girl said...

Aww! So glad he is home and doing better. Six pills is a lot. I have a heck of a time getting pills into our cats. It's easier in liquid form -- I wonder if the meds could be crushed and added to water? Worth asking, maybe?

We had to try several special diet food before we found one that worked for both cats. The first one we tried, sweet sick cat wouldn't eat; the second one we tried gave bossy cat the runs; third time we found the one that worked.

Cute story about the poopy diaper. How did P make it this far into fatherhood without changing one?! :)

Sarah said...

hurray for kitty!!!!