Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Getting to know Birdie

Weeks 0-3:

  • I love her milk breath.
  • I love when she does the "baby birdie."
  • She crosses her legs inside her sleeper (without using the leg area.)
  • She crosses her arms under her chin when she sleeps (like daddy.)
  • She smiles and cries in her sleep.
  • She snores.
  • She hates to be naked.
  • She hates to be dirty.
  • She hates to be put down.
  • Her favorite sleep position is in a ball on my chest.
  • Her cord stump fell off at 1w1d.
  • Her favorite thing is boob.
  • We go out (to eat, mostly) when she sleeps.
  • My mom declared her an heiress to a DVD collection (which, at the time, was hilarious and very painful for me, as laughing is misery post-c-section.)

1 comment:

Furrow said...

I'm amazed you can remember anything from those first few weeks. But looking at your list, I seem to recall that Z did many of the same things.