Friday, March 28, 2008

Back in time: Six weeks

"We're doing better this week with sleeping. I double swaddled her (she breaks out of one blanket) and put her in the carseat next to the bed and she stays there for at least part of the night. I love sleeping with her, but I worry I'll cover her with blankets on accident so I sleep with my covers low which is COLD! I get sore staying still for hours but it's worth it.

She smiles all the time now and I adore every gummy grin.

I got a carrier so we could do more things together. She's only been in it a few times so far, but she loves it. I was able to take her outside (bundled, of course) with P and the puppies and it was great to get out.

She's getting better at finding her fingers and sometimes as she wakes up from a nap I hear her sucking frantically. She's not able to really soothe herself yet, but maybe soon (HA! little did I know...) We think she's going to be a thumb sucker."

  • We can see her eyelashes now that her eyes have lost the swelling.
  • 0-3 clothes are sometimes too big and she hates it when I dress her only to take something off because it doesn't fit.
  • At my doctor's appointment, the doctor said that holding her was the best part of his day. Everyone loves her, and it makes me so happy.

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