Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Back in Time: Weeks 4-5

At four weeks she developed a deep love for the ceiling fan in our living room. She stared at it happily for minutes at a time. This was handy as her eyes were finally open more often.

FIVE: (things not related to sleep)
At five weeks she smiled. She was more alert in general, just in time for Christmas. We went to P's parents' house and she got to check out the lights on the tree.

Her other grandma (my mom) gave her a cow that hangs from her carseat and was the first toy she showed any interest in. She still loves Cow, just now he's for gumming.

Grandpa walked her to sleep. A lot. Good workout for him.

Birdie recieved five (5), yes FIVE "Baby's First Christmas" outfits.

She began to outgrow her newborn sized outfits (for some reason, they all seemed to fit past the weight limit) and I kept putting her in my favorites "one more time."

Her smiles became more frequent, and they just melted me. Gorgeous. I wrote, "In the middle of the night, when I want you to sleep and I'm changing you or feeding you again - you smile at me and I don't care if I ever sleep again." New baby smiles are a powerful drug, I tell ya.

I wondered if she was having a growth spurt (she was.) She had a very cranky/fussy week and didn't want to be held by anyone but me.

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