Friday, March 14, 2008

apology accepted

I had a dream where P cheated on me and was going to leave me but his sister convinced him not to and then he got two nipple rings. (I'm not sure which part is the most ridiculous.)

Usually when I tell him things he did in a dream, P laughs at me or tells me I'm nuts. This time he laughed and apologized. Finally, he answered correctly!


Furrow said...

I've had the same dream (minus the nipple rings), but B never apologizes. He's had 8 years to figure me out, but he's too stubborn.

Stephanie said...

I hate having dreams of my husband cheating on me. I know it is just a dream, but I always wake up pissed at him. Feels so real in the dream. Although if I had a dream that Jim got nipple rings I don't think i would wake up pissed i think i would wake up laughing!
So funny!