Friday, July 07, 2006

things that made my day better

  • I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond in hopes of resolving the bedding issue. As I was crossing the parking lot this old lady stopped me. "I shouldn't have gone in there," she said, and I was confused until I saw how full her cart was. Then I haughed heartily. Expensive indeed.
  • I think we've come to an agreement about the comforter. Huge relief. Am ready to buy curtains. No more whitetrashbedroom.
  • Barring cysts, this cycle is still a go and things have resolved.
  • Getting a grip and realizing that sometimes my husband just likes to bitch and it doesn't really mean anything.
  • Watching my naughty cat play his food game (picture to follow)
  • Kittenwar (link fixed)
  • Shamefully, the start of Big Brother All-Stars (yes, it sucks that it's all-stars, but I'm nothing if not commited where TV is concerned, so I'll be watching this summer too.)


Tiff said...

OMG...the Kittenwar link isn't working...I NEED to know what it is!!!!!

twirl said...

I fixed it. Prepare to (happily) waste lots of time!