Friday, July 28, 2006

Probably not interesting, but I have to get it out!

I watch Big Brother every summer.

There, now you know. I'm glad to have TiVo so that we never miss a show since the damn thing airs three times each week.

With P being gone, I haven't had anyone to watch with and no one I know watches so I have no one to bitch to about what's happening.

Last summer, like most people who watched, I rooted for the Sov6 (or sov4) alliance to beat the Friendship. Not because I'm in love with any of them (as some rabid fans apparently are) but because they were getting trounced by the more unlikeable opposing alliance.

I think too many season 6 people came back for allstars. It's not fun watching the same people win over and over again (no matter who it is) because it doesn't feel like a game anymore. I find myself hoping each week that someone else will win and even out the numbers a little. I'd like to see a little more competition.

So there. There's my confession and my rant. Back to real life.


r.a.w. said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

It is nice to hear that your IUI appointment went well. It's all about timing, isn't it? I am so sick of timing...

Now we wait another cycle or two before the SHG (I still don't know anyone who has done that - I only know people who have done HSG's). Then we start talking injectables. I don't know what I'll be using yet. But it is nice to hear good things about the Gonal-F.

P.S. I don't watch Big Brother, but have several co-workers who watch it religiously. Glad you have TiVo to keep up with it! Not all of my co-workers do, and they hate missing it!

Angie said...

Glad to hear about your appointment!

Queenbee said...

I am SOOOO addicted to Big Brother! Sorry, nothing really important to add here except that I am a fellow addict.