Thursday, July 27, 2006

Infecting the masses with order, one man at a time

After spending July in a hotel room (alone, and let me tell you, it wasn't pretty when I visited!) P is getting ready to come home. When I visited, my glasses vanished. (I pretty much only wear them for night driving, but absolutely dread the idea of selecting a new pair.)

P: I found your glasses.

Twirl: You did! Where?

P: Next to the bed.

Twirl: They must have fallen out of my suitcase.

P: I was straightening up the room and gathering my things together for when I come home.

Twirl: In advance? I'm so proud of you!


M said...

You were in D.C.?? What were you in town for? Just to visit? That's where I live!!!!

Rebecca said...

I'm glad he found the glasses! Being able to see while you're driving at night is important... :)

twirl said...


I was visiting P, who was there for a work thing. He's been there for about a month, but I just went for a long weekend. Other than the misery that is humidity (I miss desert heat! Or no heat!) I had a great time.


just to clarify-- I don't need my glasses, I just feel more comfortable driving at night with them than without.

also, though I'm a california girl at heart, I'm currently living on the east coast. I'm there with you in spirit though!