Sunday, May 21, 2006

It's really about me finding my way home

P likes to sleep late on the weekends and I don't. I prefer to keep a similar schedule all week. Why do you care? Because I had to go for day 3 bloodwork this morning (they only do blood draws until 9 on the weekends) and I had to go all by myself.

I woke up, detangled my legs from kitty-sleep, got out of my warm bed, and I made it there in plenty of time (I was shooting for 8-830)

She did not miss my vein.

She was nice to me.

She did not require ten vials of blood like the last clinic's intake required.

I made it home without looking up the directions, without using the GPS, and without getting lost! (um, until I drove past my house on my own street. But let's pretend that didn't happen.)
When you suck at directions as much as I do, you celebrate the small victories. One of the hardest things about moving for me is finding my way around a new place.

Two hours later, P is still sound asleep.

And so, even though I have some concerns about my new doctor, my diagnostic cycle begins.

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